Question about identical rotation of many objects

I want to rotate about 1000 simple, identical objects. I want each object to rotate about its center with the same angular velocity. All axes of rotation are parallel. Is it practicable to do this animation in Bongo?

Hi @andrew.nowicki
I’m no Bongo expert, but I seem to remember, that you can animate blocks (it might be a switch somewhere), so you should be able to animate the object, blockify it and then insert as many as you want. Maybe that’s a way to go? I can’t check for you, as I don’t have access to Bongo anymore :grimacing: HTH, Jakob

Hierarchy can be used.
Children.3dm (191.7 KB)
The red cube is keyframed. The others are made child of it.
The trick to make them rotate according to their own pivots is an option in Bongo’s Advanced Hierarchy Settings of the red cube.
The setting of the child objects can be left untouched - the wording is a bit confusing I agree

The Advanced Hierarchy Settings can be accessed by the BongoAdvancedHierarchySettings command or via the Animation Manager.


What will happen if I do not check “Locked to pivot”?
What will happen if I do not check “Rotate in world space”?

When an object is ‘unlocked’ from its pivot the pivot will remain in place when the object is moved/rotated or scaled by means of a Rhino command (outside animation mode).
When the object is ‘locked’ to the pivot (default) the pivot travels/rotates along when the object is moved/rotated.

I assume this feature might be useful in some specific models, but to be honest I don’t think I ever used this option.

World space is the space defined by Rhino’s World axis, while Object space is the space defined by the axis of the pivot of an animated object. The axis of Object space do NOT necessary align with Rhino’s World axis. E.g. the object has been rotated by means of a Rhino command (i.e. with a locked pivot), or the pivot is reoriented by means of the BongoRotatePivot (or the BongoOrientPivot) command.

With the default option ‘Rotate in worlds pace’ enabled a Bongo Rotation ignores the orientation of the pivot but uses the orientation of the World axis (but of course with the origin of the Object’s pivot).
This can lead to some irritation for inexperienced users.
Disabling the option makes that a Bongo rotation will be executed according the axis of the pivot – which can be very interesting in some cases!

WorldVsObjectSpace.3dm (71.2 KB)



I agree with all your opinions. Many useful machines have identical objects rotating at the same angular velocity, but around completely different, non-parallel axes. Thanks a lot! (I forgot the basics because I did not use Bongo for several years.)

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