Double Helix

I am currently looking to construct a parametric wall that has an extruding double helix pattern coming off the wall surface. I am looking for this pattern to be able to tighten or widen the space between the helix, and maybe be able to change the scale from large to a very small helix pattern.
I am very new to grasshopper (a real beginner) and am unsure of a beginning point on how to start! Any suggestions?

I am attaching my inspiration and a small diagram for what I am intending!
eample 2|690x272

Check Pufferfish

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New to Grasshopper, so what I’ve you tried / explored so far? Have you taken any intro courses / tutorials / book. Suggest you get some basics under your belt to understand how to manipulate girds and data.

I am in parametric class right now, half the course focused on rhino the second half grasshopper. I’ve done several tutorials and have learned attractors as well as voronoi definitions! I know the basics of it but sometimes struggle knowing where/how to get things started (26.7 KB)


Thank you! I’m going to take a stab at it now!