Double glass - curtain wall

For archviz purposes, I would like to create a curtain wall with a double layering of glasses (like in reality).
Is it possible?

Hi @clacortese, you can give a thickness to the glass component (cell) of curtain walls, under the “Infill” tab and simulate a double glass. With a hatch pattern you could even simulate the glass layer division. Would that work for you?

Thanks for the reply. I see what you did there. But since it’s for Archviz purposes I wanted 2 real glass panels with a certain distance between them (as they are actually in reality).

Hi @clacortese I suspected you wanted that. Unfortunately, that’s not possible. I take note of this wish for future versions.
We have plans to support “Grasshopper styles” for curtain walls in VisualARQ 3, so maybe that would be the best option to achieve this in a near future.
I’ll keep you posted.