Double-curved Surface

Hi everyone,

I currently work on double-curved shells. I created a 2-sided (supported) anticlastic shell, but I need a 3-sided surface as shown in the image. Can you help me, please? I need your assistance.

Thanks in advance, (22.9 KB)

anticlastic Edited (130.3 KB)

Thank you, Quan. I wonder if there is another way without using Kangaroo to make same geometry.

the shape you want can be made of 6 patches. use sweep 2 with two profiles to make a patch, then mirror, and then array polar (3)

Mr. @adel.albloushi, I need your help. If possible, can you investigate my definition to make it? I am not a professional in GH. (22.9 KB)

here is something to get you started. the curves are second degree, unweighted, so they are not hyperbolas - you will need to adjust that if you want hyperbolas, or any other type of curves/surfaces. (18.7 KB)

Sorry, Adel. I could not open your doc. Did you use any external plugin?

I think you might need to update your rhino

I am using Rhino 7.

this works in Rhino 7 sr36 (21.0 KB)

If you’re still having trouble try downloading the evaluation version of rhino 8

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Thank you so much, Adel. It works nicely. I wonder if there are parameters to change the dimensions that I mark in the picture. Since then, I will use them for form optimization through Galapagos.

the sliders in green

Oh, sorry. Thank you for your interest.

i’m not sure why you’re apologizing. were you able to find the sliders? they are the ones in green in the picture below

I have a last question. I will make a structural analysis of the shell with Karamba. Because of that, I need the support points on the shell. Is there a way to select these points separately?

pass the rebuild curves to a join curves and extract the control points

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Ok. I am grateful to you.

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Mr @adel.albloushi,

I have a problem with the final geometry. When baking the final component, the geometry is not a single surface. I need a single surface to adjust manually the voxel dimensions on the surface with the Crystallon plugin. Is there any way to create an untrimmed single surface?

i think it’s impossible to do it as a single untrimmed surface

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