Surface with double radius of curvature

Hallo dear community,

I have a dummies question.

Is it possible to parameterize in GH, an existing surface from Rhino and make it possible to modify the surface with a double angle of curvature, passing on the axes of its isocurves?

J. Rob

Hi John,
I think we’re going to need an image of some sort to follow what you mean here.

Hallo Daniel, thanks for the interest.

Here a screen and a GH file with the example. (153.5 KB)

I need to modify flat surfaces with a surface with double curvature radius, (p.e 20m Radius) in the Iso-axes.

Thanks in advance

I used patch for creating the surface through the given curves. it’s a bit slow to compute but it works. (168.8 KB)

Thanks for the interest Mahan,

sorry my ignorance, with this procedure, I can’t understand how to give the radius of curvature.


Sorry, I expressed myself badly.
Double bending radius and not double bending angle.

-Those two NURBS curves are not Arcs. Therefore they don’t have radiuses. But you can control the their curvature with " curve control" slider which I put in the file.
-In case if you want those curves to be Arcs you can create arcs instead of NURBS curves. (160.5 KB)

Thanks a lot Mahan,

so it works perfectly!!

Many Thanks
J. Rob