Double curved surface with closed curve input

Hello people,

I have a small question…
I want to make a double curved surface.
As input i have 2 crossing curves, connected to a closed curve.

Someone knows how to make a double curved surface from those curves?

Thanks already

  • Jef

in future, posting some curves to play with is easier than to rebuild it for others. in that case it is simple but takes time.

for the solution, this entirely depends also on your needed accuracy and what you need the surface for and how you will process it further. just to get some quick curvature i usually use patch, with that boundary curve of yours and a point in the middle. enabling history will let you move the point up and down for a real time change of curvature. you can also use your already prepared curves for the patch.

there are different methods, but really that depends on what for.


Thanks for the feedback. Next time ill upload a rhino file with the post.
I fixed it by lofting only 1 curve to the straight ends.
And adding the radius later on… Seemed to work.
Its used for an engine box in a boat, but the water shouldnt stay on top. So i wanted it a little bit curved.

Thanks for your help, i could use this later on.