Surface from a non-planar closed curve with guide curves inside

i have 6 curves that can make a closed curve (borders for surface) and 3 curves inside to guide the surface.

what is the best way to get a surface from this curves?

i also can redraw the curves if there is a method to get a similar surface but not with these curves.surface.3dm (283.4 KB)

Do you expect a single surface?

That will be hard if not impossible.

Hello - in plain Rhino, if you use the surrounding edges directly (for tangency) and the inner curves, there is a chance that Patchmight get you something. I’d use maybe 30 by 30 spans.


i was trying to make a single surface but that doesn’t really necessary. but even if i split it into pieces, the breaking lines between pieces should be as smooth as possible.

what is the best way to split it into pieces? or any other advice?

oh, i didn’t know i can use patch command with inner curves. it works. not exactly what i want now but i believe i will get it if i play some with curves.

Hello - the command works with History, so you can edit the input curves, in case that helps.