Double curve attractor texture

Hi all,

I’ve a beginner question I think, which I am;

trying to create a grid bubbles texture, where the height of the bubbles fades linearly from maximum (The rectangle in the middle) to minimum (The external rectangle).
So far I’ve only been able to set the two rectangles as either both max or min height, and I can’t find a solution with the tools I have.

I also tried Nudibranch but can’t seem to provide the solution to this specific task.
How would you approach this?

Thank you in advance for any advice you may have for me.


I changed your title assuming it is Double and not Doble…

Yes sorry, thanks Martin

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U mean A, B or C?

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I mean C! Thanks for looking into it…would you please share the definition?


Surface (14.0 KB)

This is a clever strategy thanks for sharing!

@aquintana 's definition, without the scale step.
The radius can be set immediately rather than rescaling, which could be slow if the number of sphere grows.

Surface (11.1 KB)

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