Curve attractor help (morphing rectangle curves into closed wavy curves)

I know there’s a lot of curve attractor definitions out there, but I can’t seem to figure out the ones I have to accomplish what I’m trying to do.

I am trying to morph a grid of rectangular curves (“walls”) slowly into wavy closed curves as they get closer to the attractor curve. An added bonus would be if the rectangular curves could also start to propagate closer together at the same time. This could be 2 separate definitions, which is why I think I’m having trouble. I’ve added a screenshot below as well as a poorly drawn diagram of what I’m trying to do.

Does anyone have ideas about how I should go about this? Thank you !!

I’m sure there are a variety of solutions for this problem.

Here’s an approach that might help you get started: (26.3 KB)

stuff in green groups help play with it

  • I forgot to close the deformed curves, but you can do that :slight_smile:


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Wow thanks, this looks great! Going to test it out when I get home. Thank you for sharing

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hey i have a quick question about your script – how would i go about reversing the attractor effect, so the curves closest to the (attractor crv) are most heavily effected? im not sure which component(s) to apply the Negative multiplier to.

Thanks again for your help, this script is definitely the right direction