Curve Attractor

Hi everyone,

I have been trying to re-create a very basic pattern in grasshopper using two line attractors, however when I start to apply real-life dimensions I can’t seem to get the shapes right. I have tried doing it using two scripts which I will attach below. One using just one curve and the other using two (as needed for the project). I have also tried adjusting the sizes of the grid/shapes and it did not achieve the required outcome. Another issue I’ve encountered was trying to use the CullPattern component so I can get a more curved shape rather than having the points fall within a grid, which worked to an extent only. The attached jpeg shows the pattern which should follow the curves.
After spending a few days on trying to get it right I would really appreciate somebody’s advice. Thank you!

Double (12.3 KB)
Single (8.6 KB)

You didn’t internalize your curves, but this should do that trick for a single curve:

Double Curve-dj (11.1 KB)

To do multiple curves guiding the circles you can do this:

Double Curve-2-dj (11.3 KB)

Try Heteroptera attractor , you can use any geometry , single or multiple

Single (9.3 KB)

Thank you. it seems like i missed a few steps between the domain and circle component

I wanted to add to the above that the pattern becomes really dense in between the curves, or opaque even and as it goes out of the curves it fades by having the circles reduced in the radius, but again without it being in a grid, if that makes sense, as I have to follow specific dimensions and a specific design. The mathematical components you added seemed to give me a bit more control over these details but I was wondering if I should add anything else to the script to make it more specific?

Thank you, I have tried using the Heteroptera attractor, it will be useful in the future

You can easily modify the scripts I posted with a bit of simple math to multiply the size of the circles (I have already included this in the scripts I attached) plus you can set a max so that any value that goes over a certain size will be clamped at one size. This will nicely clamp your max size and fix some of the issues you are describing.