Attract Points to Curve for resurface

Hello All,

A designer I’m working with wants to create a surface similar to this parametric wall. We want to be able to use curves to adjust the pulled areas of the surface to make changes on the fly to the design.

I’ve watched a few tutorials and looked over some older posts but can’t seem to get this to work. Probably from a lack of understanding. To start out I am trying to make a grid of points, have a curve in the Z space above, I divide the curve into points, then attract the closest points in the point grid to the points in the curve. I kind of have this working but right now the points just move the same distance to the curve instead of matching the complexity of the curve.

Any help from the smart folks here is very appreciated!

In the file attached I also have the original grasshopper script I’m referencing. Mine is the red one.

attractor for (21.5 KB)

This isn’t the whole project but you could get your surface this way, without the mesh: (22.6 KB)

P.S. I noticed that there was no control over the “range” of the attractor effect, the input to the Graph Mapper, so added one. Blue group slider “max”. (17.9 KB)

Sharp Attractor Curves you can also check this

I am not sure I’ve undesrtood what you want.
This definition does exactly what is shown in the image: a circular wave defined by a single attractor point (the center of the wave) and the wavelength.
Not sure though from your description if you are trying to do a combination of two waves. (15.2 KB)

Here we have another way usingGraph Mapper and curve attractor. (14.0 KB)


Thank you all these are extremely helpful!