Pursuit curvature pillars

I am new to Grasshopper, i have to create a structure like the image below, can someone help me out with the basic script. I have a 3d image and a top view of the curves. I would try this on my own but right now i dont have the time, can someone please help me.7857c9298ba4f68deac914186322660a_original

Hi @cibi.arc


This is not a do-my-work-for-me group! You probably should have read the rules/guidelines, before launching this discussion.
If you want to hire somebody to construct this for you, you can post in here.

That being said, it’s kinda hard to tell from the gif, how the whole thing works. The base polygons seem to get iteratively rotated a full 360°, whilst being translated in z-direction. The curves at each level can then be evaluated for intersections and the intersecting ones union-ed by region!
Finally, you should be able to loft the curves, in order to get a surface. You might then probably be able to get the thickness by extruding.

The animation can be done by animating a slider or in post-production (e.g. Keyshot, Maya).

Hello @cibi.arc ,
Your problem is very similar to this

And yes if you have no time, pay someone. Most of people answering here do that for fun and for free. For sure your problem is fun.