Does Lands Design support Datasmith to TwinMotion?

Hi guys, ( @albert )
is Lands Design compatible with Unreals Datasmith exporter?
We use Twin Motion for visualization and evaluation, so this would be very interesting for us.


Hi, We are exploring Datasmith. We have faced some strange results in one case. We’ll get to a conclusion soon.

Hi @Holo ,
We faced some issues: Our materials in Rhino in TM are not Double-sided materials. This issue is something that must be fixed from Twinmotion team. In general, Datasmith, gives us more strange results comparing with Direct link TM plugin in Rhino. Hence, I’d recommend to use the traditional direct link of TM till they fix it.

Ok, so datasmith needs to support some kind of setting for using two sided materials. But if that’s the only problem then it should be OK to use. We’ll test it out, thanks! (And we’ll use fbx if it doesn’t go as planned)

Hi @Holo,

You can change this setting inside Twinmotion for each material. But this change must be done manually, and material by material.

We asked Twinmotion to automatically export Rhino materials always as Double-sided (because in Rhino, all materials are always rendered from the two sides), but they don’t want to do that. They think this will make Twinmotion slower.

If you report this issue to Epic, then maybe will try to find a solution. In the meantime, the workaround is to edit each material, manually, each time you import it from Rhino.

This is also an issue when exporting surface from Rhino (no Lands objects), and even when exporting from other applications like ArchiCAD.


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