Faster way to export to Datasmith?

Just wondering if there’s a quicker way to export to Datasmith than selecting everything & going through the typical export choices?

e.g. SketchUp has a simple button.

Also, not sure why the choices are only “export selected” and “export with origin” as typically I’m exporting the whole thing.


Can you show more details?
Datasmith have auto sync option and export everything except the hidden objects.

Hi Seghier,

What kind of details would you like?

FYI I think I’ll try Direct Link & see how that goes. A while ago it either crashed Twinmotion or didn’t update, but I know there have been updates since then.

[edit] Auto-synchronize doesn’t seem to do anything, and I can’t get a link established, but exporting the 3D view is pretty quick.

Details like short video , screenshot of the plugin tab , versions you used, your steps in TW and Rhino …etc

I don’t have any problem ,when i add new object it added automatically in Twinmotion