Does anyone know where

I can get an articulated hand model that can be easily posed in Rhino??

I did experiment a bit with using the Grasshopper cage morph stuff I posted here for this.

I warn that this is far from a conventional skeletal posing/animation workflow like you might use in Blender/Poser etc. and it is still far from easy - you have to manually move the cage points in the right way to not stretch or squash the form too much - and for very dramatic changes in pose it will probably break down.
Anyway, here it is if you want to try: (4.2 KB)
deformable_hand.3dm (401.5 KB)


Here come the middle finger screenshots :smiley:

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hah, my thoughts exactly! I’m downloading that and putting a middle finger in my model.

Not everyone is so rude!
Some just want others to live long and prosper
Also, forgot to say - when opening up that gh definition, you’ll want to click the button once to initialise the weightings


Thanks very much! The Rhino forum is truly a class act. Thanks all