Hand illustrations

Hi, I’ve been using rhino to do a lot of technical illustrations but I’m getting stumped when it comes to including human hands. For example if I need a had gripping a tool. Anyone have any suggestions for where I can find models of hands? Or have work flow suggestions.

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You could try this for cage based posing of hand meshes:

There are quite a few free scanned 3d meshes of hands available if you search too, eg:

Hi @okeating

Depending on the type of illustration, I tend to find it easier to just take a reference photo using my phone, place as picture and trace by hand. Each hand takes no more than 3-4 minutes and your collection grows quickly, so that you can re-use them. If it’s 3D you are looking for, it might be worth looking into Daz 3D. Depending on the complexity, you might be able to get along with just the default models.
HTH, Jakob

Yes, my fingers are really stubby. Use someone else’s hand if yours are too!

Imported via obj from Daz

EDIT: Same hand after QuadRemesh and ToSubD in Rhino 7 WIP to make it more stylized


Unfortunately DAZ is not a solution.

If you export the model to use in another app its a violation of the license.
They will argue this point as their licensing is deliberately unclear. However from various post in their forum, it clear they don’t want to be clear about this.

Bottom line is, do not consider DAZ models a solution for 3D clip art.

Get all quad .OBJ files from Turbosquid and use Rhino to convert OBJ to SubD and NURBS. They have lots of files and since you don’t need rigging or textures the files will be really cheap, maybe free even.

Hi @cdordoni
As long as we’re talking illustrations/renders, not 3D content/meshes, my understanding is, that you can do whatever you like. But if you are distributing the actual geometry, then you are probably right. Anyway - if you export the mesh and use QuadRemesh, it’s no longer the original and there shouldn’t be a problem. They would have no way of proving, that the data ever came from Daz.