Does anyone know what kind of this pattern and to use grasshoper to model it and thicken it?

photoreference (17.8 KB)

Hi my friends,

I am trying to model this facade with grasshopper and I am kind of manually to get it, but I don’t know how to thicken it to extrude it. Does anyone know a better way to model it that allows easier in thickening and extrusion later?


Have a look through the attached definition. (16.1 KB)


Hi Kim, thank you for your help and sorry for my late reply. I wonder if you are using Rh6. Since I opened it on Rh5, it appeared like this.

I think it maybe there is some problem in Region Union note in the GH in Rh5, which Rh6 has fixed already. I wonder if this problem does exist, is there any alternative way to avoid it or replace to Region Union not.

Check attached gh for R5.
FacadeLouverPattern_reV2(R5).gh (14.4 KB)

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Thank you so much, very appreciated, Kim