Star Pattern Facade

Hi everyone,

I have a question regarding a tutorial I’m following for a star facade - # 182 : Cube Facade / GH Advanced Tutorial - YouTube

I’m having an issue with the data tree structure and the result I’m getting isn’t the same as what is shown in the tutorial. I would also like to modify the definition to apply this pattern to a single surface instead of the cube shown in the tutorial.

Any help with this would be greatly appreciated, Thanks!

GH Star Pattern (20.0 KB)

I’ve had a go at applying it to a single surface but unfortunately I’m still not able to get the outcome I’m after.

What I’m trying to achieve:

What I currently have:

Pattern (23.4 KB)

For one thing, there is a data tree mismatch between the Flow inputs. ‘Geometry’ has two branches while the other two have 400 branches. This makes it better but still not correct: (34.0 KB)

I’m not sure Flow is the right component for this? Or maybe you have the inputs mixed up? I would think Sporph or SrfMorph might be more appropriate? But I’m not fully awake yet so for now, I won’t touch it further.

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Thanks, Joseph. It’s my first time using Flow in grasshopper so I’m open to other ways of achieving the same result. I’ll keep working with Flow for now and see if I can figure out the data tree errors I’ve made.