Does anyone know how to relink rhino 6 to keyshot?

I managed to link my rhino 6 model to keyshot 8.2, and as long as Im working on the file and don’t close the files, all is fine. I make a change in rhino, click the “update an open instance in keyshot” button in my rhino, and keyshot updates with the changes.
However, the problem starts with saving the keyshot and rhino files, closing, and then reopening to link the two back together. I can’t figure out how to relink them! When I save and close the keyshot file (.ksp) to my folder and try to reopen it, I get a popup asking “open package” with “Extract files to keyshot resources folder or browse to a folder?” with options “resources folder”, “browse”, and “cancel”. I click “resources folder” and then I get this cryptic popup “compare the two items” (see attached screenshot) with options of “overwrite” or “skip”.

Honestly, I have no idea which to pick and Im afraid of losing the work I put into the keyshot rendering… what do I do? How do I relink it to my rhino file?

How do I get my keyshot rendering to link up again with the rhino file? Why is this so complicated?

Please, This is urgent because Im at work and client is expecting this completed today. Help!

Thank you.