Rhino 6 support for Keyshot 7

I’m running Rhino 6 on windows 10 and my rendering program is Keyshot 7. Every time I want to use rhino 6 files on Keyshot 7 with the latest Keyshot plugin Rhino crashes and nothing happens on Keyshot side. If I import a rhino 6 file into Keyshot 7 I get a message that says there is no information on that file. However, if I save the same file in rhino 5 everything works. Anybody else with this issue?


Same problem here ! I guess the rhino6 update is to recent for luxion. I read in some forum that they are currently working on that.

It’s about time…

It’s working fine for me .

I’m use this plug .

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oh my. thanks a lot. i handt find one for me and u just gave it to me. so wonderful that i could find one ! <3