Does anyone know how to make bitmap icons look as crisp as Rhino's icons?

Hello Rhino friends! I encountered a problem and hopefully somebody have experience on similar issue :slight_smile:

I’m using Rhino 7 on Windows and working on creating a toolbar with customized icons.

I have tried importing icons of different sizes (32x32, 24x24, etc.) as PNG files and experimented with antialiasing settings, but they all appear pixelated. I even drew them in the bitmap editor, but the pixelation persists. Does anyone have any effective methods to achieve the same crispness as Rhino’s icons? Thank you!

Creating pixel-perfect icons can be challenging, and it’s often simpler to modify existing icons rather than designing entirely new ones. You can discover useful tips on this topic on @DavidRutten personal blog and on the McNeel Wiki page. You’ll also find a download link for the source files of Rhino 4 icons on that page. As for Grasshopper icons, you can access the download link here.

Additionally, it’s important to note that David Rutten has introduced a new icon editing tool in Rhino 8.


Their SDK to produce plugins in Visual Studio creates a project with the following icon formats:
256x256 png
48x48 32 bit bmp
32x32 32 bit bmp
16x16 32 bit bmp

So your icons may not be detailed enough if 32x32 is the max you’ve been using.

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Thank you so much! I’ll take a look!

Thank you! Is the difference due to our use of a different SDK compared to Rhino’s?

Almost certainly not. There’s nothing special about the icons their template creates in Visual Studio. Any good, current icon editor should produce equivalent results (they’re just image files).

What a vendor’s SDK creates as a sample is just typically a good indication of what they expect and support so the level of detail being higher than you were attempting jumped out at me.