Customization and editing of menubar icons in Rhino 8

Someone noticed that the “edit image” panel doesn’t work. when you try to track something, it goes crazy! Then I don’t understand the involution of loading only .svg (but who uses that!!!) with the 7 I could load .jpg, .png, .tga, .tiff, .bmp.
May I know what popped into your mind? What kind of evolution is this??

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In Rhino 8 the toolbar icons are no longer bitmap-based, they are now vector-based. The new editor (which I agree is terrible) no longer accepts bitmap formats. SVG is a standard for vector-based formats and is not proprietary.

The intention was to eliminate the necessity to have fixed standard icon sizes limited by fixed pixel resolution bitmaps. The execution still needs some (a lot of) fine tuning.


First of all, thanks for the answer, the idea of vector is clear to me even if the scaling problem seems oversized considering the fact that almost all software uses bitmaps. I would have preferred a 64-bit evolution with perhaps more captivating images.

The vectorial choice risks definitively freezing the, frankly very late eighties, aesthetic of the buttons. Icons are not just an aesthetic thing, they speed up work a lot when they are done and organized well. For example, I have never understood the uniform blue aesthetic of the surfaces. If the different typologies were differentiated with 3 non-equal colours, for example, blue for NURBS, green for MESH, Magenta for SubD, we would be able to orient ourselves much better.

However, I don’t understand the reason for an extreme choice such as .svg vector icons while maintaining the paint style editor of Windows 95.

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As far as the aesthetic choices for the images, that is a McNeel decision. The button image editor is currently undergoing a complete revision and should be functional some time in the (hopefully near) future. Right now for simple stuff (like “flat” icons without gradients) it’s easy enough to use Rhino itself to make your button .svgs. For more involved stuff you need something like Inkscape.