Blurry icons

I noticed that if I import a bitmap in the icon editor they stay not as sharp as I created the bitmap. For example

I import this bitmap. Looks sharp and clean in the editor:

But the button looks blurry:

So I open up the icon editor again and suddenly it looks like this:

How can that be?
Btw, I have antializing turned off in the Edit menu!

Is this a bug or I am doin something wrong?

thanks, Tobias

Can you post the bitmap? I’m unable to reproduce this here using a 32x32 pixel bitmap. Here’s the one I tested with. (226 Bytes)

Hi Brian,
Here is the bitmap: (3.0 KB)
Its just an example. This problem happens with just all importaed bitmaps.

thanks, Tobias

Hi Tobias- this comes in cleanly here- make sure when you import that the 32 pixel version of the button is the one you are editing- it looks like that is the case, but just making sure.


This also works fine here too… I am using v5 x64 SR9

Ok, it looks like its just the case with this particular toolbar. If I create a new toolbar everything works just fine. This toolbar was imported from V4 and has been one big mess anyway.

thanks, Tobias