System.Drawing.Bitmap Icon + .NET 7.0 - Rhino 8 Add-On / Plug-In / C#

Hi, I am currently converting a few developed C# components into an add-on and would like to make this available. The components work, but unfortunately the icons are not displayed.

A test icon is 24x24px in size and has a bit depth of 32 and is exported in the PNG file format. I inserted it via “Resources.resx”.

“protected override System.Drawing.Bitmap Icon => Properties.Resources.Test_1;”

Error CS0029:
“The type ‘byte’ cannot be implicitly converted to ‘System.Drawing.Bitmap’.”

I have read that it is due to .NET 7.0 and that it is possible with System.Drawing.Common, for example, but it is only a solution for Windows and cannot be used for Mac. What is the best solution to make it compatible for all systems?

In other words, how can icons for Grasshopper add-ons (Rhino 8 / .NET 7.0) be embedded?

Sorry for the stupid question and many thanks in advance!