Does a command know if it's launched with an underscore

Is there a way within a CRhinoCommand object, to know if it was launched with an underscore? Meaning it was forced to English. Seems like something that would be in the CRhinoCommandContext, but I don’t see it.

I don’t believe so. Why do you need this?

– Dale

As a workaround, you could maybe read the last line in the command history and check?

I’m looking up data by a localized key value. So I’d like to accept English keys when the command is launched with an underscore. The keys are user facing in other contexts, so they need to be localized, however, this command is mostly to be used for scripting.

I guess the underscore is meant to facilitate command name lookup, not to change the entire command to be in English. So I think I understand.

It seems the appropriate solution would be to look for an underscore at beginning of the key. This would force it to English just like command names. I just thought there might be a way to see if the command was launched with the underscore so I wouldn’t have to look for the underscore manually.