Making script usable in multiple Rhino languages


I have a plugin where I sometimes use scripts.

All scripts work in english, but if I set my Rhino, for example, to german some commands dont work.
How can I make them work? Do I need to use _ or something?
How about settings in a command? Can I use the underscored letter or should I use the full english name of the setting?

Thank you.

Hi @jordy1989,

i think if the script accesses regular rhino commands using the underscore, the options can be interpreted in english as well. Either using the full option name or the underlined option name letter in the command bar. From within a script i would recommend to use full option names. I used to put the underscore in front of options too.


hi @clement

Oke great. Thank you.

So the _ is the trick indeed. :stuck_out_tongue:

Does the person need to have the english language package?

I guess not. The underscore forces Rhino to interpret all commands as English command names regardless of the language pack installed.


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Thanks for the quick help!

I am trying to make this work now:

I am using:

-_OptionsImport _ImportAll=Yes

In english this works perfect, but in, for example, spanish I go into the sub menu instead of changing the setting to true. Any idea’s?

Try -_OptionsImport _ImportAll=_Yes (underscore also on the Yes) --Mitch