Differences between _Command and Command

Hello Rhino Developers,
when we use RhinoApp.RunScript(Command,false) , I tried with and without the "" before the command name, what are the differences between them then? and there is also the option of _-commandName, when is each type used?

also, what is the purpose of bool echo, I don’t quite understand its effect.


See if this helps:


Using an _Underscore in front of a command name (and all the options) runs the English version of the command. Highly recommended if you are going to be distributing your code to anyone using a non-English version of Rhino.

Using a -Dash in front of a command name will bypass the dialog (if there is one for that particular command) and allow you to program the various command options directly in the command string.

bool echo set to False will suppress the command line reporting when the scripted Rhino command is in progress.

thank you for both answers!