Document units in meters but input centimeters, how to do it permanently?

wondering if there is a way to always input cm although document units are meters.

I know you can add “cm” etc… to the number you input, but that does not really speed tings up on the long run.

I need to have document units in meters due to compatibility with other files, but I really dislike using the comma all the time, and would want to use cm input permanently.

any ideas?


Hi Daniel, there is no way that I know of to do this any more easily than appending the ‘cm’. But, what comma?


when drafting I usually enter values below 1 m… so 0,01 for 1 cm

super annoying imho. I would like to get away from needing to type . and all the leading 00s

Hi Daniel - why not type ‘cm’ at the end of any number that you want to be read as cm? I thought that is what you were doing and not liking it, not typing out the current units converted…


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for example, typing 1cm is three keystrokes. typing .01 is also three keystrokes.

1 is just one :slight_smile:
it accumulates throughout the day

Switch to cm temporarily whilst typing lots of dimensions?

Hi Daniel,

How about working with your model in cm until the end, then rescaling it to metres as a final step?

If you receive a model in metres, start by rescaling to cm and scale back at the end.

Caveat: You may need to thrash out a way to get dimension styles viable in both scales.


Yes, OK, understood, I just mean, compared to typing in the decimal and the right number of zeros…