Grasshopper offset Conundrum

Hi, if anyone could help me out that would be amazing! I am trying to create a geometric pattern based on the cuts of some diamonds, akin to the images attached below except with offsets all around, which I can then manipulate with attractors or hopefully even image attractors … (if I figure out how!)
Screenshot_22 (30.2 KB)

I cant seem to get the points from the original hexagon to link with the offset rotated one using polyline, so i just used line and join one by one … however the final offsets are not working out at all! any help would be much appreciated.


You can start with this and you need Clipper to create the offset (11.9 KB)

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ah yes thank you, that is exactly what I’m looking for! now to try the image attractor! (97.5 KB)

Hi again! sorry to bother - You wouldn’t know if I’m going about the image attractor correctly (see attached)?
I was initially trying to follow in a similar manner to this video Rhino Grasshopper (Parametric Pattern) - YouTube

I’m guessing that I need to have the same amount of points as the image pixels? when I set the numbers for the hex grid to that however my computer dies :’)

This is for a project where I hope to laser cut the webbed pattern onto a board with the image superimposed within the pattern! any more help would be amazing but no worries if not!