Dividing a Delaunay grid into hexagons

Hello all, I am trying to divide a delaunay mesh into seperate hexagons. I would then like to draw geometry within the hexagons based on their size and also irregularity.

Flower Delaunay.gh (7.7 KB)
Flower Delaunay.3dm (113.3 KB)

Why don’t you create hexagons first and then make delaunay mesh out of their vertices?
Or you can use Dual graph.

Flower Delaunay_re.gh (24.6 KB)


Thanks for your swift reply.

This is amazing it’s exactly what I need. I’ve been puzzling grasshopper out on my own. It’s good to learn new ways to achieve the same results, it would have never occured to me to use Revolve to create a Polar array. It’s great to learn new tools for my reportoire. thank you very much.

I have a follow up question. I am trying to make a polar based generator of auxetic patterns such as this:


However I am stuck trying to seperate these asterix like shapes into two groups of crosses. I have tried using split tree, however the tree is very complex, and I am not sure of what selection would seperate the desired groups.

Any help would be great

flower auxetic.gh (13.4 KB)

Have a look at the attachment and please don’t make double post.

flower auxetic_re.gh (21.5 KB)


Amazing work, but it’s far beyond my relatively simple aplication for the pattern. Thank you though it is very interesting to see. Can I ask have you used this for anything?

I would like to cut the unexpanded pattern into metal and expand it in the physical.