Divide Surface Component Issues

Hi Everyone,

I am using the component Divide Surface to basically assign a equal grid of points to a surface. See below:

So far no problem the component creates the points and you can visualize them.

The problem is that the Points output is giving null instead of coordinates of the points:

Am I doing something wrong?

What is interesting is that the component works for a simple square surface:

Did anyone experience this before? If anyone has experienced this behaviour before could you please share any insights how to overcome it?

Attached you can find my GH definition.
DivideSurfaceIssues.gh (16.6 KB)

Thanks in advance!

You may want coordinate of point where there is no UV on the trimmed Surface.
There are difference between “pure” surface and “trimmed surface”

See the answer here

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The <null> points from the untrimmed surface are outside the bounds of the trimmed surface.


DivideSurfaceIssues_2022Jan17a.gh (24.8 KB)

P.P.S. Here is the first draft that might also be useful? The Combine ‘I’ (Index) output acts as a Boolean (0 or 1) indicator that a point is in the trimmed surface boundary (white pts), or not (blue pts).

DivideSurfaceIssues_2022Jan17b.gh (23.2 KB)

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Try using clean tree componet, this will remove null values


Thanks @mario.vergara your response is simplest for the work I am doing. @laurent_delrieu and @Joseph_Oster thanks for your responses as well both pointed me in the right direction and helped me to learn something new I was not aware of.