Point in Curve is not working as I intended


I divided a bunch of individual panels using using “Divide Surface”. However, when I try to organize the data as to which is inside the curve and which is not using “Point in Curve”, “Larger Than” and “Dispatch”, a panel attached the “Larger Than” says that the values are null, and not true or false like I imagined.

Is anyone able to give me feedback please? I am assuming something is wrong with my tree structure but I don’t know what.


For Help Definition 3.gh (46.7 KB)

Apparently you have a datatree issue. Shift Paths or Trim Tree would help.

For Help Definition 3_re.gh (49.7 KB)

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Yes I do! Thank you!

One thing that I wasn’t understanding was the last panel which says I had 10201 items within each branch when there only appears to be 6262 points on the screen. If you are able to tell me why this is that would help me understand that much more.

Thanks again!!

Because you used Divide Surfaceon the “Trimmed” Surfaces which is the cause of your unexpected null values.
If you use Untrim, you’ll see the boundaries of your underlying surfaces outside of your trimming curve.
Nevertheless, since the null value is still counted as an item, it must be more than the number of points displayed.

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That makes sense now!