Divide surface component

Hey everyone, ive been following a recorded lecture from a tut and i noticed that when he used the divide surface component he got points along the perimeter of the surface and in the surface but when i use the component i seem to be seeing points only inside the surface i cant seem to figure this out! can someone please help me out with this. Im using rhino v6, does that have any implications on this?

in order to have help, you must give more information (a script with internalized data). Also it is good you dig a bit by yourself. Did you check if there are 5 (4+1) branches with 8 (7+1) data inside each branch. So 40 points in total. So you will know if you have all points and you don’t see them or is there is a bug. If a bug you MUST supply the file and the surface.
A screen copy of the warning on polyline could also be interesting.

Here it works !!

Hello Laurent,
Thanks a ton for replying, so i ran through the script again and like you said i did check the data inside each branch i seem to be getting a couple of data that display as null. I have attached both an image and i have also supplied the file with the script if you could maybe go through it and help me out it will be super useful. Again i want to thankyou for your time with this!

Divide Surface component.3dm (50.7 KB)
Divide Surface component.gh (14.9 KB)

Hello you have a trimmed surface. It means the “surface” you see is described by a bigger surface that has UV from 0 to 1.
You can see the points of the original (untrimmed surface) that are outside.

So you can use a component form Pufferfish to transform the trimmed to untrimmed

You must learn the basis of surface, trimmed surface, Brep in Rhinoceros. This is not easy but it explains many subtleties of surface construction.

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OHHH alright yes i get it now! Thankyou Laurent! I will sure get to it :slight_smile: