Distributing UI Containers with Plugins in Rhino 8

Hi all,

I have developed a plugin (a collection of python scripts compiled into a plugin with the Rhino Script Compiler) and I want to distribute a UI container along with it. The UI cointainer will essentially just contain 1 button which launches the plugin. I created the container in the Containers window in Rhino 8.

How does one distribute a UI container in Rhino 8? Is there a folder on my collegues’ computers where I can place the .rhc container file (confusingly named I might add as it is the same file extension as the old compiler project file type) where it will be automatically displayed on Rhino startup?

I tried placing an .rui toolbar I made in Rhino 7, here:
and I could enable it in the Toolbars window of Rhino 8, but the button did not work.

Thanks in advance

@dale any advice on how to proceed with this? I’m confused by the existing documentation on containers and .rui files.

Hi @Michael_H,

You might consider distributing a window layout (.RHW) with your plug-in. Just place it next to your .RHP in the .YAK package.

– Dale