Python PlugIn compiler, create a Toolbar Button

Hello everyone.

I’m having a good at making a rhino plugin for myself.

I made the script in RhinoPython, and I found this post: Rhino Script Compiler for Rhino5, second Beta which had the most amazing compiler.

Now I’m trying to when I install the plugin, there will be a new button on a toolbar.

I have no idea how to go about this, I think in the compiler I need to point to a skin DLL but I have no idea how to create a DLL or anything like that.
I would just like to have a button with the Letters “OAD” in some font, or if easier to attach a .png for the button?

How someone can help me out and point me in the right direction
Thanks so much

You need to create a RUI file using Tool -> Toolbar Layout. Create New -> Workspace Editor.
Then add an icon and a macro with the command(s) you want to execute.

Distribute the RUI file with the RHP. I think that if they have the same file name (except for the extension) that Rhino automatically loads the RUI file. If not, users have to load the RUI file when they first start to use the plug-in.

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