Distribute objects on a curve automatically, with a Min and Max distance

I would like to distribute objects on a curve and these objects must be distributed at a distance within a MIN and MAX domain.!
In this specific case, I would like to distribute on a rectangle some points that have a distance X with
“35 <X <50”

Immagine 2021-09-26 143413

The ‘Interval’ slider has a range from 35 to 50.

Thanks Joseph_Oster for your reply.
Your code is interesting, what I wanted to do is slightly different, I would like to control the maximum and minimum points with two sliders that define the domain of the possible distance

Post some code! The domain of possible distance between points doesn’t solve the problem. eh? There may be multiple solutions with any given domain.

Your spec doesn’t mention this but your image shows a point at each rectangle… If that’s important (?), this is a way to get there. The white rectangle defined by the two sliders is adjusted so the specified distance produces points on the corner.

DivCrv_2021Sep26b.gh (11.2 KB)

Why do you divide the dimension of the rectangle by 39.3117?

You don’t like that value? Change the slider. I don’t think you have a working algorithm or description of your objective. And unless you post some relevant code, this will be my final reply.