Multi slider with minimum distance between

Good Afternoon Grasshopper community,

I am back to the world of grasshopper after taking a break for couple of years and using boring autocad in architectural practice… boy have I missed this place.

I’ve been using shapediver lately to present my models and found that forming the right inputs once the model is complex enough can be a challenge.

I was wondering if there was a way to segment a line(as per image bellow) with input sliders. Where each individual slider would have a dynamic range depended on its neighbour sliders. And on top of that if there would be a way to shorten that range by a minimum distance so the segments would not be able to be shorter than this minimum distance.

Apologies about my paint skills, this is the best tool of presentation I have on hand at the moment.


Jonas Blazinskas

Here is a better example demo:

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Like this? (93.2 KB)

Almost but the overall length of the line should not change just the segment split positions.

additionally accomplishing a minimum distance of segment would be more complicated with that in mind?

Maybe this need scripting ; when you change a value of one slider the next one must changed

Maybe this is somewhat related … (see my last post there)

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Yes this is a solution but i think it need more improvement (11.6 KB)

i find this solution but when you add a point you need to copy/paste a group called for moving point
the rest i tried to make it clear
maybe someone can convert the idea to script or by adding loop

line (33.1 KB)

Agreed, would love to see this being packed up into a component that is supported by grasshopper as a new type of slider, is there a way for us to request something like this officially?