Evaluate length random

I have this set of curves I want evaluate it or divide in a range of 4 values with a domain of 10 cm to 80 cm to move it in the lines in a random factor
How can achieve it_

eval Len Random.gh (10.1 KB)
I’ve playing and I got some random points but divide length definitely is not the correct command to get specific values in distance, another point is in every curve always the point start in 0 cause is my domain someone help ! :stuck_out_tongue:
eval Len Random 1.gh (14.2 KB)

This may not be what you want, anyway, If you want to divide your curves randomly into four each within a given length range, this is a way to go.

eval Len Random_re.gh (14.7 KB)


More complex how I was thinking for but beautiful I have no words for you, maybe I’m going to study much harder about grasshopper :sweat_smile::v:

Thank you so much!