Sorting curves by length and changing divide distance by length

Trying to automate pin numbers on curves that would be a result of curve length.
meaning a pin every 12" on the long path curves and 6" on medium length and 3" on short one.
im assuming setting domains but not sure. any suggestions ?

Also (image B), my curves have lots of control points, and some little loop happen.
how to simplify and avoid those ?

Curves by length sorting with pins (112.1 KB) (115.0 KB)

something like this?..

Thats awesome.
regarding the domains. I’m trying to do it more like thresholds of lengths. so not 3 to 12 and in between.
so, first “short” curves for example would get 3" , than next few who are longer get 6" and the last longest ones get 12". makes sense ? (115.4 KB)


Man, I’m such a novice.
How do i add control sliders for each threshold of lengths so i can play with what will be “short, mid, long” domains ? (117.1 KB)

I think I’ve already answered, but I don’t know what you want. :roll_eyes:

from what i understand the patch divides the list of curves into 3 groups and than it assigns 3,6,12.
what i meant by ‘control domain’ would be controlling the list of curves threshold.
currently curve list lengths are like 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and gets divided 1-3=#3 4-6=#6 7-9=#12
and im trying to add a control slider to move the #3 group to be 1-2 or 1-5 range.
and same with the threshold of mid-longest. #6
That way i can dissect on fly the curves lengths that go into each of the #distance groups

Hope im clearer with my question