Array along curve based on maximum span distance

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I’m sure there is a way of doing this, but I don’t know the correct way of describing it in terms of searching for solutions.

I’m trying to end up with a selection of objects evenly arrayed along an input curve based on a maximum distance between the points - for example - a handrail with supports that should be a maximum of 1200mm apart, but the overall length is variable - so a 4.8m curve would be 4 x 1200mm spans, a 4.7m curve would be 4 x 1175mm spans, 4.9m 5 x 980mm spans etc.

Is there a particular function in grasshopper that would do the maths automatically from an input/max length, or is it just something to cobble together - if the latter does anyone have suggestions of terms to use to find possible solutions?

Thank you kindly

If I’ve understood, you’ll need to find the Length of your curve, Divide (numerical) this by your maximum spacing, then Round up (Ceiling, C) that number. Divide (geometric) your original curve by that number and you’ll have your points:

Curve Division - Max (5.9 KB)

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Thank you for the reply - I will hopefully get a chance to look at the weekend and see if that does the job!