Smooth a topography imported from Google Maps

I just exported from Google Maps this topography’s site. I imported it in Blender and then in Rhino. I wanted to smooth it cause now it is all irregular and too much fragmented. Anyone has an idea on how to do it? I’m e beginner with grasshopper so any kind of help is really welcome. Thanks!
Uploading: Topography.3dm…

Hi Samuele,

One option is to try using the Smooth Mesh component (seen below). It has a few settings to let you control how much smoothing takes place. Another idea that is maybe useful for what you might be doing with the mesh for topography manipulation that also has smoothing is Land Kit. It is a plugin that includes a set of components called Topo Kit which has a whole range of topo manipulation components too. The Pro version has a really nice smoothing tool for meshes and topography.