Graph mapper continuity

Good morning, I am having problems with Grasshopper in that I cannot create, via Graph Mapper, a continuous line around a circle without there being a “jump”. I have seen that I can make the beginning and end of the graph coincide, more or less, by hand but are there more effective ways?
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I let you find the components by yourself. You can manually tweak the output to (linear) blend in perfectly by performing the following calculation:

Given the following mapper y-values:
1, 3, 4, 3

delta of first and last element:

yS-yE = 1-3 = -2

“Impact” on each point
Equal to a GH “Range” component from 0 to 1 with n steps:
0.0, 0.3, 0.6, 1.0

1+(-2x0.0), 3+(-2x0.3),4+(-2x0.6), 3+(-2x1.0)

yields corrected y-values of:
1, 2.4, 2.8, 1

As an alternative you can draw a curve in World XY Plane and intersect in GH.

Thank you very much for your reply, premising that I cannot to draw the curve on the xy plane because I will have to match then some elements of the circular facade with the internal structure, I understood your more than sensible reasoning but on the practical side I didn’t quite understand how to operate, I have to insert in the output of the graph a component “Range”… . I just started using this program a few days ago so I don’t know all the components and how they work. I will send the .gh file if it should be useful to others in case they know other solutions.
Thank you

Graph mapper (43.1 KB)

if strict tangential continuity is not what you’re after, a running average can be helpful to you
Graph mapper continuity[by running average].gh (28.8 KB)

a more “parametric” smoothing
Graph mapper continuity[by running average_parametric].gh (27.0 KB)

here’s another one by smoothing the tail end. it leaves most of the curve as is.
you do need to increase the parameter until it looks smooth
Graph mapper continuity[by smoothing tail end].gh (25.2 KB)

Thank you truly, your solution was more than satisfactory :blush:

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