User Text as a Property




Can we have user text displayed in the properties panel/window.

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Hi Dennis- I’ll add this to the pile; one thing we ran into when we had more stuff on Properties was that with large selections, parsing through all that stuff made selections very slow- hence the ‘Detail’ button. Would it be OK to show this (Keys and Values) in Details?



@pascal or even a separate sub-tab/button for user data similar to detail view, dimensions, text properties … What would be ideal would be to edit existing values and create new ones.

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Hi Dennis- here’s a short term semi solution, in case it helps - a script. To use the script, extract and save the .rvb file from the attached zip archive, then drag and drop the saved rvb over an open Rhino V4 or v5 window. This will load the script, set it up to load on startup in the future and register the alias


that will run the script much like a regular command. An alias can be typed or added to a toolbar button or keyboard shortcut (F-key). It lets you edit the value part & works on one object at a time, at least for now. (610 Bytes)



Thanks. Yeah already wrote something in python that does pretty much the exact same (433 Bytes)


Something like this, but for entering multiple user text via dialog box would be handy.


If you have multiple keys attached to one items it will allow you change both values. What it doesn’t do, and looks like @pascal took the same route, is you are not able to add new keys.


Super script, both rvb and py.
But, one can only edit and existing value. It would be awesome if one can add a new value or match the usertext with another object.


Hi everybody,

Is this feature (UsertText Panel) planned to be implemented in Rhino WIP/6?

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Hi Jeff - so far there’s not any plan for this as far as I know.



Too bad…
Thank you for your response!


I am just getting to know Rhino and seem to struggle a bit with your Scripts, and the Commands “GetUserText” and “SetUserText”. My aim is to create a frame for a mechanical drawing, which can be imported on a Layout, and after that there shall be some list where all informations of the frame like “date of drawing”,“author”,“drawing numer” etc. can be typed in.

In Autocad this function can be archived with the “attdef” command.

The Problem with the “SetUserText” starts after selecting the objects (in my case the Text). Rhino now tells me to choose a Text Key, and(or?) attach to an attribute and an object. When I try go “GetUserText” it just says that it does not find my key.
Your Makro works, as far as I can tell, since i can edit my inputs from “SetUserText”, but i am no step closer to my Input-Options.

I hope i am not that far off-topic, since i try to chance attributes of an block.

Yours sincerely,


Rhino has a bunch of built in text fields that I think would handle what you are after. Text fields can also reference Document User Text and Object User Text.


Just bumping this request.
I would be great to be able to add things like pageformat and author in your layouts in a simple way. Acad has it. SW has it. Rhino should too :wink:

PS: A “current page number” would be great too. Easy management of drawing numbers…
EDIT: Sorry - pagenumber is there…


Rhino 6 has a object text properties panel… is that what you mean?


Hi Benjamin.
I would like to be able, in an unconveluted way that everybody can understand, to be able to populate layouts with predefined text inputs. So if I in a text object in my layout write “1-100” or “Morten” (author), the same text is repeated elsewhere, in for example my filename description in title block. Pagename attribute already exists. So autogenerated filename description could be: PageName Author Scale RevisionNumber. Author, scale and revision number would simply be written in dedicated text table, or alternatively have a simple way to reference other text inputs (making a lot of blocks is not very optimal/user friendly either).


So I think what you are after does existing. You will need to need to create a block with document user text properites. Then reference that block into your file and file out the info in the under the document properties. ttlb info.3dm (32.2 KB)
Page Test.3dm (48.0 KB)


It is useful feature.


Thanks for the description, but the wish was for an “unconvoluted way” without blocks. Simply create a text/field table, where you can easily manage and input info (it should be layout specific). So every level of user intuitively understands, whats going on. Alternatively having linked text fields, so changing a text one place, repeats it another place.