Display setting

I have now taken the points and curves from the Rhino document, internalize, I decided to change the color, the component does not work.

That seems to work just fine here with this definition:
ColorPreview.gh (5.4 KB)

Your definition works correctly for me, but after replacing the data with my own, the color does not change.
ColorPreview.gh (8.6 KB)

it looks like this is a problem of order ; like that the original color is above the new color
select the custom preview component and (ctrl-x / ctrl-c), (cut and paste) and the new color will appear

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Works! But it is generally somehow wrong. And how it turns out, why deleting and inserting? And now I accidentally found the second solution, you just need to hide the curves and points … The adjustable elements are probably located above the setting itself, it is hard …

yes hiding them also a solution, maybe this is a bug or grasshopper need order component