Grashopper Presettings

Hi there,
I was looking for a way to show curves with different colour than surfaces by presettings. I have a large setup with more than 17

00 components, so the overview would be lot worser if I’d add preview components to each curve.
I cannot collect them in groups for preview components for same reason and I’d like to see any visible curve


I’ll say. You may want to look into clusters and Data Output/Input in order to make this project more managable.

I thought about that, but I have to add things here and there. With clusters I wouldn’t have the overview what’s inside and where to attach to.
Data in- and output was discussed here also and I have to say that I find it easier to follow the wires.

A help might be if working groups (assembly groups) as in Rhino were possible.
But that might require picking objects on screen.
Which would be a great help anyway.

But back to the reason I started this:
To me it would be of great help if curves and points could have different preview colours than surfaces in general.
On the screen I can’t see if curves are visible which I don’t want to see.
Often I am looking for an item in a group and can’t see it on screen.

Unless you’re using Custom Preview components (or some other custom object) this isn’t possible in Grasshopper. The preview settings apply to all objects in the same document, and they are very limited.

I agree it would be nice if there was more control, but there isn’t.

I have no idea what you are trying to achieve with one

So please correct me if my suggestions are not possible for your purposes.

A single file with so many responsibilities is going to be very difficult to maintain or collaborate on. Even if you are working on your own, remember that you are collaborating with your future self. Make it easier for future André!

We have a soft internal guide at work of maximum 200 components per definition, and 20 per functional group. We connect definitions together with a combination of baking with attributes and data structure, referencing and worksessions (using Elefront and some custom components).

In my 10 years working with grasshopper this is the only way to have some sort of quality control and flexibility in complex parametric projects. A multi -user environment makes this essential.

More granular control over grasshopper preview settings may provide marginal convenience, but a small amount of additional organisation of your process will go a long way in alleviating the bigger problem. You are not alone and it is a big challenge keeping large scripts flexible.

Have a look at this thread for some perspective

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