Preview button cannot change curve color display

Dear all,

Don’t know why I cannot use the “Custom Preview” button to change the curve color display anymore…
I remember I can do it with the older Rhino 6 version. Now I am using Rhino6 sr25.
Did they change the way to display curve color?
Can anyone suggest how to achieve it?



Your previous geometry is still visible. Sometimes because the geometry overlaps, it looks like it hasn’t coloured it in properly.

Even I turn off / non-display the previous geometry, it still cannot show the colored curve.
You can easily reproduce the case as my screenshot.

The reason it is black is because it is referencing an existing geometry rather than having a new geometry.
custom preview does not cover over the existing geometry.
From the image, there does seem a bit of a red glow below the line.

After hiding the initial geometry:

You need to upload the minimal script for us to see what is happening.

Hi christopher,
Thanks for your reply.
OK, I see what is going on now, because I have switch Rhino to “render” mode, if I switch it back to shaded mode it is fine.
Now my question becomes – “How can I display GH color in Rhino render mode?”

The components circled have their preview turned on, you need to turn their preview off first.
You also want to hide any referenced geometry from Rhino.

Thanks Christopher, I can show the curve on Rhino “shaded mode” now.
I just wonder, how can I show the color on Rhino “Render mode” as well

Due to how thin a line is, it won’t show up well.
Best thing I can think of is to turn it into a cylinder with thickness:

The geometry button can show curve as red, but don’t know why the custom preview button cannot show curves.
It is a good idea to show it using pipe, but it will slow down the PC significantly.