Selected components' preview disappears - did I accidentally change a setting?

When I select a component, instead of highlighting the preview, the preview disappears completel.

Did I change a setting accidentally? If so, what do I need to change back? (I didn’t accidentally change the highlight color to black)



Update: This problem is only happening in Rhino 7. Rhino 6 is normal. Moved post to Serengeti because of this.

Any messages written to the Rhino command history during a failed preview?

And can you post a screenshot of the Document Preview Settings window:

Here’s my preview settings:

Nothing appears in the Rhino Command Line when the error happens.

One other necessary condition to reproduce the problem: it appears that if I open Rhino 6 and Grasshopper and then close them and open Rhino 7 and grasshopper, the problem does not occur. It only happens if, after a restart in Windows 10, I open Rhino 7 and grasshopper.

That is both R6 and R7 opening the same *.gh file, or starting with a new file each time?

Also, can you test this by starting Rhino6 without running Grasshopper, and then Rhino7 with Grasshopper?


I noticed both if your views are top-down. Does the preview exist in the perspective view?

In the GH preview selected objects are moved ever so slightly closer to the camera to avoid them being drawn behind identically placed, unselected previews. If this motion is moving them beyond the clipping depth, they will no longer be drawn. That’s definitely a bug, but should be easy to test by looking at the geometry at an angle.

I had been using R6 and R7 and the same GH file.

Without opening GH in R6, the bug in R7 persists with that file.

With opening GH in R6 but not opening the file, the bug also persists in R7 with the file.

I hadn’t checked previously, because this file is for 2d engraving, but yes, the bug is only in top view.

Okay great, that almost certainly narrows it down to a clipping issue. Can you upload the file, or another file which shows the same issue?

Here you go.

Cull Lines By Number of (61.0 KB)

FYI I triple checked and the only way to reliably fix the issue is to open R6 after a restart, open GH, open the file, close it all, and then open it all in R7.

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I am experiencing this issue, too. Thanks for the quick fix.

Experiencing this as well. Depends on the file but does not resolve after restarting rhino/gh. Thanks.