My Rhino can't show view properly

Hello, I have a question, why my Rhino can’t view properly? For example, if I use top view,and i try to move my 3d ,then suddenly the view change. Suddenly the top view became side view and changed every time. So I can’t do my job properly. I’ve tried uninstall and try install it back. But , it still the same. I don’t know, maybe the setting or something. I just can’t find the cause. Please help me

Which version of Rhino? Which platform, Mac or PC?

If this is happening in the Perspective viewport as you rotate the model, one thing to check is to see if you haven’t accidentally activated the _OneView command. Run the command and set it to “Disabled”. That’s the only thing that sounds like what you’re describing.

If that’s not it, please run SystemInfo in Rhino and post the text results here.


Hi @sabrinaahmadfauzi,

Did you enable Linked Viewports? (Tools > Options > Views > Linked Viewports).

– Dale

Universal CPlanes vs Standard CPlanes is another possibility…