Do these McNeel display mode examples not work on the Mac?

When I try to import them, nothing happens. No error. No nothing.

It would really be great to have some a variety of display mode examples that work for Mac.

Those display INI files are for Windows Rhino.
They can not be imported into Mac Rhino.
Some of the display options they use are in Mac Rhino but not all.
You will need to create the display modes in Mac Rhino to get close.

It’s on the future development list to support display mode swapping between Mac and Windows but it’s not possible yet.

Hey @miano,

I’ve zipped the display modes for your convenience. (3.9 MB)

From Mac Rhino, click Rhinoceros > Preferences. In the Rhino Preferences dialog, click Display Modes. Then, pick the Gear icon at the the bottom of the form and click Import display mode. Navigate to were you’ve downloaded the .ini files.

Note, some of the .ini files, on the page you reference, contain a reference a background birtmap, you may need to modify the display mode after importing and select the bitmap, as the path in the .ini file won’t be correct on your system.

– Dale

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That’s what I was looking for. I wish there were a big library somewhere.

With so many settings, one gets lost. The default rendered views now tend to create a snowscape were details get lost.

Here’s my contribution. This is a display mode based on shaded that gets rid of non-tangent lines. I find it useful to see if surfaces match up as intended.

Shaded For (2.6 KB)

I get all sorts of weird funkiness going on with the blueprint display mode, screenshot is zooming in on a top view of simple curves, dims and text, also seems to have no effect on a layout sheet ? :person_shrugging:

I think I may have just fixed that issue for next week’s SR 30 release candidate. My guess is that display mode has a background set to an image that doesn’t exist on your computer.

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