Importing *.ini view displays

Hi there,
I´m usually working with Rhino for Windows and testing right now Rhino for Mac since a couple of weeks.
Is there any chance to import new view displays as for MAC version like (*.ini files)?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Hamit-

Import/Export of Display Mode properties is a TODO item on our list (MR-811).

Hi Dan,

I can see the option to import Display Mode properties is there now except they are grey’d out and not choosable…
Am I doing something wrong or is it still wip?

Am I doing something wrong or is it still wip?

It is still a Work In Progress. In the upcoming update to the RhinoWIP (and the future 5.2 update) this option will not be present. Once we can figure out a way to do this right, we’ll re-enabled the options. Sorry for the confusion.

Hi Dan, Any update on this? I’d love to be able to share custom display modes with my Mac colleagues!


Steve recently implemented the ini file IO on macOS, we just need to get some UI around it. That likely will not go in the first public RhinoWIP for V6. You can star/watch RH-36803 to get updates as they happen.

Hi, I was wondering if this feature is functional now. It looks like I have the option to import display modes but the new mode does not show up when I select the .ini file.

Hi Kirk -

It looks like this was fixed at some point in 2018 but got broken again.
The current issue for this is RH-59511 Display Mode Ini Does Not Import On Mac